Third Party Reviews

Daniel Freiburger | November 20, 2018 |

"Tried to run in for a neck trim but they told me I'd have to sign in and wait for 30 mins. I don't usually go to this location, but at other locations the neck trim is a run in/run out type of thing. Didn't have time to wait that long, so ended up leaving."

Matt Bores | October 03, 2018 |

"They overcharge for a simple haircut, not worth the money you have to pay."

Chi Chi | September 19, 2018 |

"I loved my stylist"

Clarice Lightning | September 15, 2018 |

"Q was my stylist and she snapped she waz amazing I will definitely come back!!!!"

Geoff Sobering | August 28, 2018 |

"Great place for a haircut!"

Off Grid Living | August 31, 2018 |

"Manager has bad attitude"

Talia Oberling | August 07, 2018 |

"Our stylist was just awesome! I wish i remembered her name....she had dark hair and I think her tag said manager or assistant mgr. She gave my (very picky) son his favorite haircut ever. She offered us coupons and even retroactively used one because we told her we were in the week prior to get my other son's haircut. She even told us because he liked it so much, she would make notes in his file so we knew exactly what they did so they can do it again!"

Jeffrey Allen | July 19, 2018 |

"Edit:. It turns out, I was misled on the MVP deal. While the price was awesome, these haircuts cannot be redeemed at other locations. I had specifically asked about being able to use them in Machesney Park and was told they would work. No dice. After being quoted an hour and a half wait time at a nearby CostCutters, I looked for another place for a haircut. I had the salon to myself for the entire visit, and it was clean and the employees were friendly. My cut was on point and the six MVP cuts for $60 is a heck of a deal."

Timothy Foor | July 26, 2018 |

"Make sure you get the MVP service you won't regret it"

Andrew Fritz | July 09, 2018 |

"Only one person working and terrible service"